Our Websites Are Flexible

Updated and new functionality can be added effortlessly and speedily without reinventing the trundle. What does this mean for you? Faster turnaround times and lower costs since it take us less time to implement complex features.

We put you in control

Every website comes with a password-protected control panel so you can keep your website updated on your schedule. Simply login and change your pages!

Friendly, Personable Service

Our complete business is from reputed and worthy business. You’ll also get the experience of people that have been building websites for 04 years (since 2008, when the Internet was unidentified).

You Meet Your Deadlines

We appreciate your time and your trust in Brilliantaim. The main reason for always being on time is that first we plan, then we develop. Careful planning and thinking the route through before it starts allows us to avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes and wasted effort.

Custom Website Designs

Do you wish that your website should be exceptional? We actually listen to your ideas and create your website design especially for you, based on your input Material. Since we don’t contract any part of our services we don’t have to pay a middleman, so we can pass on lower rates to you! Why have a high-tech website with all the bells and whistles that looks only mediocre, or vice versa?

No Hidden Fees

We tell you the costs with our detailed proposals in front of you; we want all of us to have the same expectations for your project.

We Lovingly Hand-Code

Why does this matter? Because As software programs are generated HTML also generate unnecessary code in the process. This bulky code produces slower websites, makes them more difficult to maintain, less search-engine-friendly and less accessible to those using mobile devices or assistive technologies. Hand coding produces much more efficient code and gives us ultimate control over the details of your website. For you this means your website will be faster, easier to maintain, search-engine-friendly and cross-browser compatible.

Cross Browser Tested

We’ll make sure your website looks good in the latest versions of the major web browsers.

We Take Full Advantage Of Today's Technology

Technology is a wonderful thing and it allows us to successfully work remotely with clients across the country. That means we don’t have to pay for a fancy office, and neither do you.

E-mail: support@brilliantaim.com

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