At Brilliant Aim, our trust is that “Our staff is our grand asset”. We take much pride in acknowledging the contribution each one of us makes.

We focus on People Development and for that we ensure:

“Staff Brilliant Aim with world class Professionals and ensure that the right systems are in place to encourage them to develop to their full potential, Create a collaborative and mutually supportive work environment that encourages people to grow, build a team of professionals who deliver expertise by participating in business decisions, develop Performance Management and reward systems underlying our Business strategy etc.”

Brilliant Aim is hiring college and university students for short-term employment. As we are seeing great interest from students, we want to give priority to those who are at an advanced stage in their studies or in final stages. We can offer jobs / Internship to students in a number of Pakistani cities.

Are you interested?

Add your competence to our database for job applicants.

You register your application, CV and your competence. Please note that if you are able to give an accurate description of your qualifications, you will be making it easier for us to find you a job. Brilliant Aim managers will select candidates from the database. This is done to simplify the process for both applicants and managers at MuxZone.

Your CV will be stored in our database for Three months. After that period it will be deleted, pursuant to regulations from the Data Inspectorate. If you want your CV to remain in the database, you will have to update/maintain it within Three months of your last registration/update. Welcome to the Online Job Application System of Brilliant Aim which allows you to apply for any vacant position. Now you don’t have to mail your resume to the group. Simply fill out the Online Resume Form and Click Submit.


Please note that:

  1. You do not have to submit your resume twice if you already have your resume posted.
  2. Apply for any positions that mostly match with the job requirements.
  3. Select a Job vacancy from the advertised list; you want to apply for (not more than 2 jobs) it.
  4. Send mail if you are facing any kind of problem in applying for online jobs or submitting resume.
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