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Consultancy Services

The Brilliant aim offers free advice on web design best practice. The Brilliant Aim can meet with clients to discuss their requirements, clarify the scope of a project and advise on strategies for meeting those requirements. If you are thinking of developing or redesigning a any type website, we'd be happy to speak to you. We can offer informal advice by phone or email, or arrange a meeting for a more detailed discussion of your project. We can provide an initial consultancy meeting (c. 1hour) and a follow-up meeting (c. 30 minutes) free of charge, after which we reserve the right to charge for our time.

  • Consultancy - we can offer advice on every aspect of any type of Web projects including design, usability, accessibility, Content Management Systems (CMS), hosting, domain registration, etc.
  • Web design - we can undertake web design work for you, whether designing a new site, redesigning an existing site, preparing a new homepage design, interface design for an online tool, etc.
  • Web development - we can undertake web development work for you, whether building a basic site from scratch, adding functionality to your site, providing extra development resource on your project, etc.
  • CMS package - we can design, implement and host your website in our CMs set-up, enabling you to manage content easily and leave us to look after the technical maintenance of your site.

The WDC undertakes web design and development projects on a charged basis. The WDC aims to provide cost-effective web design solutions where units do not have the in-house skills to meet such needs. As such, charges are levied on a not-for-profit basis. If you'd like to talk to us,
please get in touch: